Tantric Initiation in the Mysteries of the Tattvic Archetypes of the Soul – Fundamental Keys for Decoding the Human Nature

The feminine and masculine tattvic soul archetypes are essential hypostases of each woman and man. In order to be a real woman or a real man – fully developed at the level of the soul and at all levels of the feminine or masculine nature, and to truly achieve an exemplary self-knowledge that brings happiness, fulfillment, harmony both at a personal level and in our relationships, it is highly important to identify and fully develop in our being these archetypal energies.

The entire manifestation is structured by five fundamental formative fields – which are the universal “elements” or tattvas, as they are called in yoga and tantric terminology: the subtle Earth, the subtle Water, the subtle Fire, the subtle Air and the subtle Ether. These tattvas modulate the human soul in a particular manner, thus giving rise to a specific prevalence in the psyche. Each prevalence characterizes a soul archetype.

The feminine tattvic archetypes are, for women, paths of awakening, amplifying, elevating and flourishing of the femininity. For men, the feminine archetypes are paths of discovering their inner feminine ideal or the “inner woman”. Likewise, the masculine tattvic archetypes are paths, for men, of awakening, amplifying, elevating and fully developing their masculinity. For women, the masculine archetypes are paths of discovering their inner masculine ideal or the “inner man”. Thus, women can truly access the fascinating universe of masculinity, and men, the sublime sphere of femininity. Knowing, awakening and realizing through direct experience the feminine and masculine tattvic archetypes, helps us to gain a much deeper insight into the femininity and masculinity.

At the same time, the discovery and full realization through inner knowledge of the tattvic archetypes of the soul, gives us a fascinating, ineffable and blissful sense of self-rediscovery. Moreover, it is a particularly fast path of spiritual self-transformation.

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The price for the entire workshop (34 hours) is 190 eu. As soon as payment is confirmed you will receive links with the video recordings of the workshop.

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