Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V. and ATMAN – International federation of Yoga and meditation present this years International Kashmir Shaivism Retreat

The event is taking place during the catholic Easter Holidays In Berlin.

Considered as one of the most transcendental forms of yoga, as well as the purest and highest form of Tantrism, and certainly one of the greatest spiritual treasures of humankind, the Kashmir Shaivism tradition offers an extraordinarily direct and effective path towards God.

In this spiritual Retreat participants will receive certain very important initiations of the secret tradition of Kashmir Shaivism:

~ Essential esoteric practices that are integrated in the traditional spiritual ceremonies of ecstatic, identifying communion with Shiva
~ Secret techniques of spiritual enlightenment from the fundamental treatise Vijnana Bhairava Tantra
~ The revelation of novel hypostases of Shiva and special spiritual exemplifications
SPECIAL: The traditional spiritual ceremony of awakening the formidable power of the Shiva-lingam (the essential godly creative power) will be held again

“By awakening, in our being’s inner universe, the formidable occult power of Shiva-lingam we attain the ability to enter easily in a profound state of resonance with all godly hypostases and attributes. This is why the esoteric revelations referring to the formidable power of the lingam (and of the formidable, complementary power of the yoni) are not only the foundation of all forms of Tantra, but also, generally speaking, one of the most important, secret and efficient spiritual initiations.” Adinathananda

Among the numerous amazing beneficial effects of this secret initiation we mention briefly the following:
~ The complete attainment of the tantric ideal of Vira (spiritual hero) by men and of Shakti (the divine inspiring and initiatory power) by women
~ The awakening and ascension of the essential energy of the being, Kundalini Shakti
~ The attainment of a perfect sexual-erotic continence both by men and women, during their ecstatic, amorous union
~ The awakening of an extraordinarily intense spiritual aspiration, meant to attract almost instantly, the liberating Godly Grace, which reveals the Eternal Self, Atman
~ The awakening in our being’s inner universe of a divinely integrated, all-accomplishing willpower, as well as a perfect state of occult resonance with the all-powerful Will of God.

VERY IMPORTANT! During this spiritual retreat, the 1st Modul of the next Kashmir Shaivist Teachers Training Course will take place. This course is available and completely free of charge for those who wish to become Shaivism teachers and who have succesfully completed at least the 2nd year of study of the Shaivism course (fluent English is required). Register here: and leave a deposit.

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