Kashmir Shaivism tradition is considered one of the most transcendental forms of yoga, as well as the purest and highest form of tantrism, and certainly one of the greatest spiritual treasures of humankind, which offers an extraordinarily direct, effective path towards God.
The Sanskrit term Shiva means “The Always Benevolent One” and designates God’s hypostasis as Supreme Redeemer and Supreme Spiritual Guide for all creatures. This is why, essentially speaking, any transcending process and any expression of liberating Divine Grace is always linked in a way or another to Shiva, no matter the spiritual path we might follow.
The Shaivism course, founded over 20 years ago, is unique in Europe, being attended enthusiastically by thousands of practitioners, not only in Romania but also in numerous other countries. Although the profound understanding and the proper practical use of the fundamental principles and methods specific to the Kashmir Shaivism tradition usually imply a high level of consciousness development from the part of those who approach it (which might seem that this spiritual tradition would be normally almost inaccessible to most people of today), all such principles and initiatory aspects are described in a fully accessible manner (in a unique way on our Shaivism course!)

Thus, this profoundly esoteric and particularly complex tradition (but which is also perfectly suitable to present day man) can offer fast ways towards genuine spirituality and towards the highest divine accomplishments.

In our courses, that will gradually reveal fundamental aspects of this unique spiritual tradition, you will be initiated, among other subjects, in the following:

• the Essential paths to spiritual liberation: the path of the Limited Being – Anavopaya; the path of the Deifying Energy – Shaktopaya; the path of Shiva – Shambavopaya; the Supreme Path (or the Path without steps) – Anupaya;
• the mysteries of the 36 essential aspects of manifestation (tattvas);
• the mysteries of the phonemic divine energies (of the creative divine Logos);
• esoteric methods to profoundly, intensely activate the subtle centres of force (Chakras) and of all their “petals” (specific vibratory directions);
• initiatory and practical study of certain fundamental treatises of the Kashmir Shaivism: Shiva Sutra, Spanda Karika, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra etc.;
• full revelation, from an efficient, practical perspective, of the 112 major direct methods of enlightenment contained in the esoteric treatise Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which confer the revelation of the Immortal Supreme Self (Atman) and ecstatic, full union with God.

Also, in this Shaivism course, you will have access, among other subjects, in the following:
• a special initiation in the Sri Vidya esotericism; the mantras of the 15 nityas of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari will be revealed;
• initiations in certain divinities’ esotericism and mantras: Garuda, Skanda-Karttikeya, Hanuman etc.;
• certain relevant initiations as a result of passing the yearly written exams:

  • kshurika mantra – a mantra (specific to Shaivism tradition) for opening brahmarandhra, which offer the ability to instantly transcend the limited individual condition, as well as to practice the secret method of the “transfer of consciousness” (known as Phowa in Tibetan tradition);
    • esoteric method to realise the secret erotic tantric procedure, maithuna;
    • secret spiritual methods comprised in the famous work Sundaryalahari;
    • the mantra of complete transcending of all limitations inherent to the common human condition, as well as of the individual karma stock;
    • the spiritual traditional ceremony of Shiva adoration;
    • secret mantras for awakening and activation in our being of the 3 essential hypostases of the formidable power of the Shiva lingam.


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