Self-confidence is an essential quality for a fulfilling life but, unfortunately, most of us have a deficiency at this level.

Self-confidence is not insolence, nor conceit, nor an embarrassing attitude that you are entitled to everything, nor infatuation, but it is that “power” that comes from becoming aware of all the treasures that exist within us, self-love, self-esteem and, last but not least, faith in God.

If you believe that your confidence comes from the way you look, from how beautiful and intelligent you are or because you are full of qualities, you are wrong. You can even see around you women who are exceptionally beautiful and gifted but who paradoxically lack self-confidence, as well as women who aren’t so gifted apparently yet they have a tremendous self-confidence.

At the foundation of all great secrets, regardless of the field, there always lied a complete self-confidence. Do you know what sets you apart from all of those who succeed? Potentially, absolutely nothing.

Many times maybe you fooled yourself saying that you don’t have the necessary time to invest in the development of self-confidence, since you are constantly bombarded by numerous other things that are apparently more stringent: the kids, the family, the job etc. But the time and energy that you invest in cultivating self-confidence are also implicitly directed towards improving the quality of your life in general. It is as if you were saying: “I don’t have time to make my life beautiful and fulfilling!”

Age, social status, physical appearance, intellect, the failures that you dealt with until the present moment etc. don’t matter. It is never too late to develop self-confidence and to begin to value your extraordinary potential which you are surely gifted with.

During this workshop, you will become familiar with various concepts, advice, testimonials and exercises that are meant to reveal the complexity of the notion of self-confidence and that also help you to awaken and develop it in your being.

Remove the illusory veil of powerlessness and the constant need to receive approval from others in order to follow your dreams and discover that you are hiding inside of you unlimited resources that can help you live the life that you want and deserve.

This workshop is based on the book: 10 PAȘI PENTRU A DEVENI O FEMEIE PLINĂ DE ÎNCREDERE ÎN SINE

Teacher: Julia Kolozsvari.

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