9 th (10am) – 13 th (1pm) of April 2020 – ONLINE

with Adinathananda (Nicolae Catrina) 

The tradition of Kashmir Shaivism is one of the most elevated, exquisite and pure forms of Tantra, offering both a particularly complex metaphysics and some of the most direct, fast, complete, and extraordinary methods of spiritual accomplishment. 

The unique theoretical and practical framework of this spiritual retreat will give to all participants the possibility of easily stepping into superior, ecstatic states of consciousness, as well as accessing authentic forms of spiritual enlightenment.

In this spiritual retreat there will be numerous (and unprecedented) exemplifications and important initiations from the Kashmir Shivaism tradition, such as:

– New esoteric revelations on the formidable power of the Yoni (SPECIAL TANTRIC TECHNIQUES INCLUDED)! 

– Initiation into the esotericism of a new fundamental hypostasis of Shiva

– The Initiation into the secret practice of MAHAMRITYUNJAYA YANTRA (for obtaining infallible spiritual protection, karmic purification, emotional healing, spiritual enlightenment and many other beneficent effects);

– Esoteric methods and techniques for accelerated spiritual awakening;


Participation fees:

Kashmir Shaivism Teachers are FREE OF CHARGE

Special reduction is given to students of ATMAN Federation from the following countries:

– All former Jugo Countries 

– Romania

– Moldova 

– Russia

– Czech Republic 

– Slovakia 

The programme of the retreat will be as follows:

– Thursday 9th April, Friday 10th April, Saturday 11th April and Sunday 12th April:

10:00- 13:00 CET workshop
16:00- 18:00 CET workshop
20:00- 22:00 CET workshop and Q&A

– Monday 13th April:

10:00- 13:00 CET workshop
18:00- 20:00 CET Q&A (optional, bonus meeting)  

All meetings will take place on Zoom platform. We will send all
necessary information concerning the log in.

Subscription form:

Subscription is complete only upon payment!

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Payment details

a. Special reduction: 147.4 € (plus Paypal commission)
b. Regular: 207.4 € (plus Paypal commission)
2.Credit/Debit Card
Special reduction: 140 €
Regular: 200 €

Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or assistance.

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